42V Battery Charger For Electric Scooter Hoverboard Segway ATV QUAD GO KART


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Au Adapter Charger For Segway hoverboard Electric Scooter


Product Information

3-Prong Inline Battery Charger for 2 Wheel Smart Balance Electric Scooter Battery Charger 24v 2000mA (1.5 AMP) Input: AC110-240V (50/60Hz, 1.5A)
Output: DC 24v 2000mA
Power: 36W Max DC
Connector size: Female 3-Pin Inline
Outlet: 2 Prong Power Cord

Guaranteed brand new.

Scooter Battery Charger Guide:

1. Always plug battery charger into scooter before plugging into electrical wall outlet. When charging is complete unplug charger from wall outlet before unplugging from scooter or bike.
2. To get the most life out of your scooter’s batteries, recharge them immediately after every ride, even very small rides. Leaving a scooter battery in a partially discharged state for any amount of time lowers the useful life of the battery.
3. When a scooter is in storage, recharge the batteries at least every 3 months. The Amperage of the battery charger may be decreased for longer battery life, or increased for a quicker recharge time.for extra set of accessories, or for mobile repair shop wanting to refurbish an iPhone and re sell it



Input: AC110-240V (50/60Hz, 1.5A)
Output: DC 24v 2000mA
Model: HK-42-2000
Power light indicator: Red means charging, Green means charge full

Package Contents

1 x Electric Scooter 42V Charger
1 x Au Wall Power Adapter



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